The Ordinary Serum Foundation and The Ordinary Reratrol + Ferulic Acid – are they worth the hype?

After seeing The Ordinary foundation serum everywhere, I knew it was only a matter of time before I picked it up.

This foundation has taken the blogging world by storm and after reading a fair few blog posts about it, it’s easy to see why. For one, the price tag is tiny and it’s also been praised for its high-quality formula.

After reading so much about it, I couldn’t help but add the Ordinary Serum Foundation into my basket as well as The Ordinary Reratrol + Ferulic Acid – which I thought could really help out my skin. Here’s how I got on…The Ordinary Serum Foundation and The Ordinary Reratrol + Ferulic AcidSo, let’s start with the Ordinary Reratrol + Ferulic Acid.

This was a very last minute buy, but something that I’m so happy I ended up picking up. Honestly, when I first bought this, I didn’t realise how powerful this product was, but after doing a little bit of reading, it includes two of the most powerful anti-oxidants.

I don’t want to go too much into it, for one I don’t quite understand all the lingo and two, I’m not an expert so I don’t want to give out any wrong information around the products and its ingredients, but I did want to give a small overview on this product. You can read more about the ingredients on The Ordinary website.

After using this product for a few months now, I am very impressed.

On first impressions, the formula is very thick and oily, which I wasn’t sure about. I’d say it takes about 10 minutes for it to sink in completely. The product is oil, water, and alcohol free and has many amazing benefits.

I’m hopeful I’ll see more positives to this product as time goes on, as a lot of the benefits are not visible and it may take a while longer for them to be apparent i.e. sun protection properties, the anti-aging agents and the promise to make pores smaller.

However, a few of the changes I’ve noticed straight away are that my dry patches have reduced significantly, I wake up with more of a glow and my face seems smoother. Like I said, this is just after a few months of use, so I’m excited to keep carrying on using this product to see the other differences I see. I’m very happy with the product so far. The Ordinary Serum Foundation and The Ordinary Reratrol + Ferulic AcidThe Ordinary Foundation Serum was the product that I was really interested in and I was so excited to try it.

Unfortunately, I was really not impressed – not in the slightest.

The light-weight formula is really watery in consistency, which makes it really easy to blend on the face. However, as easy to blend as it is, once the foundation was set, I really didn’t like the finish.

I found that it stuck to all my dry areas, no matter how much skin prep I did, and made all other areas like dry as well. I really didn’t like the finish that it gave me. It made my pores look bigger, highlighted all the textures on my face and generally, just looked all over the place. It didn’t give me the flawless finish that I was craving.

I’ve tried this foundation a few times, in case I was having a particularly bad skin day or I need to change up my skin prep, but each time, I’ve felt it wasn’t quite right. I’m so disappointed as I had such high hopes for this foundation after hearing so much about it, it’s just a shame it didn’t quite work out for me!The Ordinary Serum Foundation and The Ordinary Reratrol + Ferulic AcidSo, is Ordinary worth the hype? For me, it’s 50/50. The Ordinary Serum foundation was a huge miss and The Ordinary Reratrol + Ferulic Acid was a hit!

I’ve not been put off from buying from Ordinary in the future, as the tiny price tag makes it easy for me to explore the brand more and find some absolute gems!

Have you tried any of these before? How did you get on with these? 

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