The Gin Festival Nottingham

So last weekend, my mum and I headed to the Gin Festival in Nottingham.

If you know me, you’ll know that gin is my go-to drink. Although it’s my favourite spirit to drink, I’ve not tried anything apart from the standard gin in my local supermarket. When I found out we were heading to the gin festival, I was so excited to try some different gins and be a gin connoisseur for the day!The Gin Festival travels up and down the entire country, from Leeds down to London. I’m always so happy when something like this comes to Nottingham, as our little city can sometimes be forgotten about to when it comes to events!The Nottingham Gin Festival was held in the Nottingham Conference Centre, part of Nottingham Trent University. Once we arrived there was a small queue, however, it didn’t take long until we were in the venue. The staff were lovely and very knowledgeable about the event, they gave us a guide to the gins, an over-shoulder pouch and a gin glass that we were able to keep at the end. The Gin Festival made tasting gins easy. The guide that you are given at the beginning breaks everything down for you.

I was intrigued by the more unusual flavours of gin that I would never have the opportunity to try on a day to day basis. After flicking through the guide and looking at the flavours of gins there was available, we quickly headed to stand D. The good thing about the gin guide is it gives you a breakdown of the gin, what stall you can find it and what’s the best drink to accompany it.

We tried a couple of amazing and unique flavoured gins, but the standouts for us is the Rhubarb and Ginger and the Blackberry and Apple. They were delicious! Aside from the bars, they also have a range of food stalls, a cocktail stall, free tasters, a shop and there are also live bands. There was such a wonderful atmosphere at the gin festival! It’s the perfect place to grab food, enjoy a few special drinks and catch-up with friends and family. It was an amazing day out and my mum, who told me as we walking to the venue she didn’t like gin, actually was converted after trying some amazing flavours that were on offer.

I also think the gin festival is such great value for money too! Tickets are around the £12-15 mark which includes the purchase of the glass and the gins are £5 each, including the tonic – which I thought was pretty good!I had such a fun time at the Gin Festival and I can’t wait to go back again next year!

Have you visited the Gin Festival before? 

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I was given two complimentary tickets and a money voucher
for this event, however, all views are my own.