Bringing The Outside In

I love nothing more than a house filled with plants, flowers and touches of greenery and bright colours.

However, as much as I do, I’m terrible at keeping plants alive. Unfortunately, that’s not my forte. I also have a very cheeky house rabbit that loves to eat anything she can get her teeth into, and unfortunately, plants and leaves are her favourites.

For these two reasons, artificial trees and plants have been my way of bringing the outside in.

Artificial trees and faux palm trees are perfect for creating a relaxing ambience. Tall artificial trees can really bring a room together and create a refreshing interior space.

As I’ve been looking to move again in the very near future, I’ve been looking closely at how I can make a rented space look fresh and inviting, without having to do too much decorating. Silk trees and faux palm trees seem to the be the way forward for me as I think a couple of these plants can really transform a space. As well as that, there is an abundance of ways you can style them.

They also don’t require any attention! You can’t beat that… Silk trees and artificial trees will instantly brighten up my new place, without me having to worry too much about whether they are in the right light, if it’s the right temperature or if I’ve watered them enough or too much. It takes the stress away from it all. I can just sit and enjoy them instead. It’s the way forward for me!

Aside from faux palm trees and artificial trees for my home, I’ve also been looking at cacti. I am confident enough I can look after them and I have no worries about my house rabbit getting her teeth into them. That wouldn’t be a smart idea for her.

Looking at all the ways I can bring the outdoors in and style my new home has got me so excited about the move. Brb, I’m currently browsing to find some gorgeous new plants to buy.

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