72 Hours in Budapest

I’ve never been a spontaneous person.

I love to plan. I love sitting down, writing lists and getting myself organised. I’m not a fan of things being sprung upon me, I prefer time to get myself ready and to know exactly what I’m doing.

Therefore, when my friend rang and asked me if I wanted to go on holiday in a few days time, it was kinda out of character for me to say yes.

That day resulted in us booking flights, an Airbnb, travel insurance, exchanging money and me frantically running around trying to get my whole entire life together.

I am so happy I said yes.

We decided to head to snowy Budapest for a few days of exploring the city. Here’s what we got up to…

I would really love to be that blogger who can sit down and write a detailed travel guide of where to go, what to do and where to eat. However, we just wandered around whilst we were there and hoped for the best, so, unfortunately, there will be no detailed blog post from me, but I still wanted to document it. For myself more than anything else. Like I said, Budapest was very snowy at the time. It made the city look even more stunning and I’m so glad we got to experience Budapest in the snow, it definitely added something a little bit extra to the trip. It also made my photos look pretty cute if I do say so myself.

One of the first places we headed towards was Buda Castle. There’s a bit of a hill to walk up, however, when you finally get up there, the view is stunning. You see the whole entire city and in the snow, it looked beautiful. The view is definitely worth the walk.

You could spend the whole day on the Castle Hill. With not only the Castle to look around, there’s also Matthias Church, a stunning church with over 700 years of history. It’s one of the oldest buildings across Budapest which also serves as a museum as well, allowing you to take in all its rich history.

Close to Matthias Church, there’s also Fisherman’s Bastion (where the photograph below was taken). It was built as a lookout over 100 years ago, so as you can guess, the views are out of this world. We stayed here for a while and took it all in. If you wanted to head upstairs, there is a small price to see the views from the top-level. However, we stayed downstairs for free and the view is just as good, so I don’t think it’s needed.

The other few things you can enjoy on Castle Hill is the House of Houdini, a museum dedicated to the world-class magician, the Hungarian National Museum and Budapest History Museum. There’s plenty of cafes to have a sit-down too.

Over the next few days, we just aimlessly wandered.

We headed up to near the Zoo and took in the beautiful grounds of the Architecture Museum. We spent ages in the snow (and the freezing cold) enjoying the gardens and the buildings. I was getting serious Hogwarts vibes and I think that’s why we loved it so much. A few other places we visited was the House of Terror, a museum that contains exhibits related to fascist and communist regimes, the parliament building and a chocolate museum and shop. One of the places, I would have loved to go, but we didn’t have the chance was the Baths, especially in the snowy weather. Unfortunately, the one we wanted to visit was closed when we were there, so maybe next time…So there you have it, my Budapest travel diary. If you’re looking for a city break, then it’s a lovely city to visit – affordable, with plenty to do and see!

Have you been to Budapest before?

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