Wine Tasting at Veeno

A few days ago my family and I headed to Veeno for a very special wine-tasting evening. A night of wine-tasting and food? How could I say no?!

I’ve never done anything like this before, but I was looking forward to an evening of tasting a few wines, enjoy some nibbles and having a good old catch up.

Located right in the heart of the city, Veeno is a cosy and intimate wine bar, ideal to enjoy a glass or two. Although they do a range of different food and drinks, we went specifically to enjoy the wine tasting experience.  There are few wine tasting experiences you can enjoy, including red, a blind tasting test and dessert wines to indulge with a sweet treat. We decided to pick the white wine tasting at Veeno, with my mum being a huge white wine fan. We were seated straight away, and the waitress quickly let us know how the wine tasting was going to work. We were told we would be tasting five white wines in total, all totally different in taste. They would also bring a range of sharing platters that will be complimenting the wine. Thank god for food because otherwise, we would all be a mess. While we waited for the food to be cooked, we opted for a glass of prosecco to get us ready for the treats ahead!Being a group full of vegetarians, our delicious authentic spuntini was full of veggie options to tuck into. The first vegetarian sharing platter including tomatoes, aubergine, tomato paste and sun-dried tomatoes on bread. The second included more bread, breadsticks, olives, balsamic vinegar and cheese and sardines on bread.

In all honesty, I understand that the options were meant to fit with the wine we were tasting, however, three different variations of tomato on toast were not really tickling my fancy. We would have loved to enjoy some more cheese or some variations, however, it was delicious nonetheless. For vegetarians, the options were limited, however, for meat eaters, I’m sure that were plenty of other options. Not long after the food arrived, did our first wine to try alongside it. The waitress had set out all the wines that we were going to be tasting on our table, so we could track them as we went along.

The waitress was so friendly and knowledgeable, explaining the ingredients behind the wines, the way in which they were made as well as the history and the meaning behind the names. The stories behind the wines are what makes the wine-tasting experience that extra special. Everyone was so knowledgeable, answering any questions we had and talking about the wines so passionately, which made us so much more excited about trying the wines out.  Wine tasting isn’t anything I’ve done before, but it was such a fun and unique experience that I would love to try again. I’m not saying I’m a wine connoisseur now, in fact, I am verrrrry far from it, but I do have a new appreciation. Although I still can’t be swayed away from my favourite, Echo Falls Summer Fruits!If you’re looking for unique and different experience to treat a loved one or maybe somewhere to catch up with your closest friends, then this is the ideal place. The packages start from £19.90 per person.

Have you been wine tasting at Veeno before? Or visited Veeno? 

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