The Play That Goes Wrong Review

A few weeks ago, I headed to London to watch The Play That Goes Wrong.  After hearing so many amazing things from friends and reading many blog posts about it, I was desperate to go and see it, so we headed down to London to have a bit of a giggle.

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If you’re wondering about The Play That Goes Wrong, then the explanation is in the title. Described as a mix between Mousetrap and Faulty Towers, the story follows amateur drama group, Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society as they put on a 1920’s murder mystery to delight audiences.

However, as you can guess, their play doesn’t quite go to plan. The accident-prone cast and crew do all they can to stay in character, carry on with their play and make it to curtain call. They’re trying, but failing to create a serious murder mystery play resulting in hilarious consequences.

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Obviously, I don’t want to give too much away as the whole element of the play is the shock factor. But, the whole stage production exceeded my expectations when it comes to disasters that can happen. It was obviously known from the get-go, that things wouldn’t go as planned, however, I would never have guessed the hilarious and disastrous moments that would unfold on stage.  The play is pure silliness and I loved it.

The Play That Goes Wrong is an exceptionally clever show that doesn’t dare to play it safe and is constantly taking risks with the stage production and intriguing character developments. The result is two hours of pure joy and laughter, I even cried laughing at one point.

What I loved about this show is the concept of amazing actors, playing characters who are really bad actors… The touches to make it come to life are some of the things that made it extra special, for example, the programme we bought was created by the fictional Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, so it was kind of terrible, the signs outside the theatre were the wrong way round and the spotlights never quite made it on to the people who were actually talking.

If you do go and see this, I would recommend getting there as soon as the doors open. When you’re taking your seats, the cast and crew are frantically trying to get everything ready for the show to start on time. It’s an extra part of the show that I’m glad I was able to catch!  

If you’re a fan of Faulty Towers or just want to cry laughing for two-hours straight, then The Play That Goes Wrong is 100% for you.

Have you seen The Play That Goes Wrong before? 

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