21 Little Ways To Make Your Day Better

Life can sometimes get on top of me, and I’m sure, the majority of the population.

In these moments, we often take the little things for granted and forget the simple things that can make you feel better and make your day feel that little more enjoyable.

So, here are 21 little ways to make your day even better

Polperro, Cornwall 1. Treat yourself 
Whether it be that bag of sharing chocolate you want for yourself at lunch or the latest eyeshadow palette you’re desperate to get your hands on, why not treat yourself?

2. Compliment more
Love someone’s shoes? Tell me. Is your work colleagues eyeliner on point? Mention it. This takes me on to my next point…

3. Take compliments
I don’t know what it is about the British population, but we can’t take compliments. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people. However, I’m trying my best to just take a compliment without saying ‘Thank you, but it’s only old’ ‘Thank you, it’s only from Primark’ ‘Thank you, but it’s only one of my scruffy tops’. Let’s all try and take compliments – it might make your day that even better.

4. Drinking your tea and coffee at the perfect temperature
Is there anything better than taking a sip of your favourite hot drink when it’s at the perfect temperature? It’s bound to be one of the ways to make your day better.

5. Get prepared for the morning the night before
There’s nothing fun about frantically running around your house in the morning, trying to get ready for the day ahead. Getting prepared the night before saves you time and stress.

6. Have a bath, change into fresh pyjamas and get into bed with fresh bedding 
Do I need to say more?

7. Fresh flowers
These can brighten up your day instantly. Coming home to fresh flowers makes your house look cosier and can instantly lift your mood.

8. Allocate time to do absolutely nothing
If you having a busy day or week, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with allocating a little bit of time to do absolutely nothing.

9. Keep a list and tick things off
I love keeping lists and if there’s one thing better than keeping lists? It’s ticking things off.

10. Embrace nature
If you’re having a particularly down day, then one thing that might make you feel better is going for a walk! Take a dog, a loved one or your camera and just enjoy being outside.

11. Have a day off social media
We all know that social media can be draining. So, one of the simple ways to make your day better is switching off! Turn off your notifications and stay away from social media. You’ll notice a difference!

12. Put your phone on silent
Following on from the point above, putting your phone on silent can be a great thing. Ignore messages for a little and just relax.

13. Make your bed
Making your bed can instantly make your room look tidier (a top tip from my university housemate) and it can also help with your mood.

14. Approach problems positively
In a shit situation? It doesn’t help moaning about how shit the situation is. I hate to be that person, but I always try and think positively, otherwise I’ll just get myself down about it more.

15. Be kind to others
This isn’t a difficult one. It’s probably the easiest one on here. Being kind to others will make your day better, and everyone else’s day better. So, be kind!

16. Unfollow/mute those who bring you down.
Another social media related post, as we know social media can be a cause of a bad day. A quick and simple solution is to unfollow, unfriend, mute etc whoever is bringing you down. I promise it’s a great feeling!

17. Declutter
A job we love to hate; decluttering. It’s great when it’s done, it awful when you’re half way through wondering what the hell you’re doing with your life. But, reevaluating your space, getting rid of things you no longer want, may be exactly what you need.

18. Listen to your favourite song the first thing in the morning
I used to hate going to school when I was younger. One of the things that would help me feel more positive about the day was listening to my favourite song, first thing at full blast. Jackie Wilson’s ‘Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher’ was a lifesaver for me.

19. Be kind to yourself.
Someone once said to me ‘why would you say and think horrible things about yourself, which you would never think or say about another person’. It’s true. Why do we think it’s okay to look at ourselves in the mirror and pick apart our appearances for the slightest things? We would never do that to someone else, so why do we think it’s okay to do it to ourselves? This point is a reminder to be kinder to yourself. Give yourself a break. Try and not tear yourself down and think about all the amazing things about you, you can shout about instead. It’s one of the simplest ways to make your day better.

20. Pet cuddles
Pet cuddles are the best kind of cuddles. Don’t try and tell me otherwise.

21. Fairy lights, snacks and your favourite film
Snuggle down and enjoy after a long hard day. I promise you’ll feel better instantly.

Polperro, Cornwall

What simple things do you do to make your day better?

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  • I love the pictures in this post! I definitely need to start doing more of these, thank you for sharing xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  • Such a cute post! Tea at the perfect temp is what dreams are made of. xx

    Lucy | lucy-cole.co.uk

  • Jade Millard

    I absolutely loved this post! It’s such a cute little idea and it’s always nice to remind ourselves every now and then. The pictures are beautiful too! Where were they taken?x

  • These are actually really good suggestions! Some people write these posts, and they don’t write things down that would actually help me out, but you list is full of things that will actually make me feel better. I also have to say that I love the pictures that you added in the post, they came out so lovely xxx

    Melina | http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com

  • i definitely do number one a little too much (my bank balance is so very happy with me at the moment).

    also i’m a complete believer in the power of fresh flowers. a-freakin-men, girl. they brighten up even the dullest of moods and i always try to have some in my bedroom for when i wake up! ♥ ???

    katie xx lacoconoire.com

  • Abi Street

    This is such a lovely post – there are a ton of these things that I do and they definitely make my day better! x

    Abi | abistreetx

  • This is a lovely post with such brilliant ideas 🙂 x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

  • Chrissie at Vamp It Up

    I like the idea of approaching problems in a more positive way. That and fresh PJ’s and bed sheets ^_^

  • After reading this post I’ve come up with a new resolution haha. In 2018 I am going to accept all compliments
    Aleeha xXx