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When I first started blogging, I was student. I was blogging about stuff I already owned, creating wishlists or writing about days out. I was blogging on a budget, but I loved it.

When it comes to blogging, I can get carried away. Especially when it comes to buying things for content or blog props. it’s easy to do so. However, as I’m saving for house, I’m trying to cut back on my spending, especially when it comes to things like beauty products or more fake flowers. Here are my tips for blogging on a budget.

Blogging on a budget


If you’re on a budget, it might be best to not buy a theme to begin with. If you’re a new blogger, you might want to see if you take to it or enjoy it before you start spending money on it.

But of course, you do you.

I’m going to be talking about blogger here because that’s the only format I know.

Blogger makes it really easy to play around with your blog. It allows you to change backgrounds, widths and your sidebar. You can make it a clean and simple layout or make it bright and colourful. You can make your layout whatever you want it to be, without spending any money on it.

Once you’ve played around with your layout, it’s time to move on to your header. I’ve never paid for a header design, although I am thinking of doing so in the future, right now I’m happy to use Dafont is just a website full of fonts. Normally, I just pick a font I like and create a header with it, including the one I have today. There’s literally thousands of beautiful fonts for you to choose from, there’s a style for everyone and even better… most of them are free to use.

If you did want to buy a layout, but you’re still on a budget, the I’d recommend Etsy. Simply search on Etsy for a blogger template. There are many beautiful layouts available for under £20. Ina ll honestly, it’s nice to have a nice camera.


In all honestly, it’s great to have a nice camera.

But it’s not the be all and end all. You can still take beautiful pictures with a camera phone.

When I started blogging my photos were terrible. I’ve always blamed it on my camera, but in hindsight, it’s probably not. Photos work well due to a number of different components.

I’m not a pro at photography, not in the slightest. Photography is what I’m weakest at and I’m always trying to improve and work on it. But, what I’ve learnt is that photos have to have a number of things to work, not just the camera but also the lighting, props and how you’re going to edit it.

If I had spent more time on all these things, then I honestly think that my photos would have drastically improved quicker in the beginning.

For editing, there are lots free applications you can use, including picmonkey or canva if you want to add text to an image for Pinterest.

blogging on a budgetBlog Props 

I like blog props. I like buying blog props. I also like buying blog props cheap. 

Most of the time I can use things that I already own, such as candles, trinkets, fake flowers or jewellery, but sometimes it’s nice to shake my pictures up and add some new accessories. 

The best place to find cheap blog props is probably Primark, Wilkos or eBay. eBay is great for more unusual items that aren’t as easily accessible and things you might need, such as fake petals. I also find eBay have a wide range of blog backgrounds at the cheapest prices. It’s where I picked up my marble background. 

Primark is great for home accessories decor at tiny prices. For example, it’s great for jewellery trays, candles, fairy lights and anything else you think might look great in a photo. I also rate Primark for blankets and cute bedding, to switch up your textures and add a little extra to your photographs. 

Finally, Wilko’s. Wilko’s is the place I go for my fake flowers. They have such an amazing range, with lots of different colours and types which be perfect in your photographs. Wilko’s is also a great place for stationery at small prices. For example, they have gold stationery everyone loves, so if you’re looking for classy looking paper clips, Wilkos is your place. They also have some gorgeous looking notebooks and other stationery. 

Here is my post with 100 blog prop ideas.

blogging on a budget


I mean, I don’t think I need to elaborate much on this one. They’re are plenty of subjects you can write about which doesn’t involve buying new beauty products, splashing out on the latest trends or spending money on an exciting day out. But f you want to, go ahead!

Here’s a blog post I wrote recently with many 100 blog ideas for when you’re blogging on a budget!

I hope you find this post useful if you’re blogging on a budget! Let me know your top tips.

  • What great tips! I’m definitely going to check out the font website… yours looks beaut! I think that blogging on a budget comes easy for me as I don’t go out of my way to buy things for the blog… I just stick to what I have and whatever I fancy to be honest!

    Fatima x

  • What a great read! Photography is definitely super important but I agree it’s not all in the camera. I definitely get caught up sometimes buying new products to try/new clothes to feature and should begin to cut back! Great post!

    x Helen

  • Charlotte

    I used to find it so hard to find blog props but I really love Wilkos for the same reason as you, their fake flowers! I really want to buy a lil trinket bowl from Primark as I know they can look amazing in photos plus Primark is dead cheap so you can’t really go wrong. Thanks for the tips
    Charlotte / Charlotte’s Picks

  • The Sunday Mode

    Topic wise I think most of my favourite posts people have put out have nothing to do with what they bought, I personally think advice posts are some of my favs. I’m going to check out that font website you mentioned as well because I am so bored of using the same fonts, I want to shake things up!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  • Oh this post is so perfect! and have the best timing! and i am blogger and i am broke! haha thank you for sharing! xx corinne

  • Love this! Although I have to admit I’m definitely one of those “if only I had a better camera”-people 🙂

  • katieemay1

    I love this post so much! It’s so tempting to use “it’s for the blog” as an excise to buy things sometimes but you really don’t need a lot of money to start!

    Katie May xo

  • lifeasloismay

    Luckily I already had a camera that I had for a few years before I started blogging but I have gotten so much better at using all the different settings and learning more about photography, which has helped so much with my blogging photography. Like yourself I also use a lot of stuff that I already own for blog props but I did get some copper lights and a cactus at Urban Outfitters and I use them a lot so its paid off I think. I also have been buying flowers in the local sainsburys for £2 and my first flower died on me after a month so it was great for the costs.
    Great read,
    Lois x

  • I am also weakest at photography & images, but yours look great! I love the tip about fake flowers– I never thought of that, but it’s such a great idea for adding color & something pretty :)) Thanks!

  • These are great tips! Blogging doesn’t have to break the bank. When you’re really creative, you can get away with spending less or no money at all.

    Ashlynn |

  • Holly

    When I first started out there were very few PR samples being sent out to bloggers and so all I did was blog about my stash and to be honest, it was a much simpler time haha not that i dont appreciate the PR goodies – I LOVE them!

    Holly xx

  • panda

    Some great tips and such a helpful blog post!
    panda xo |

  • Kristina C. (Laugh Love & Hipp

    Great tips! It’s hard to not try to buy stuff for your blog. I love these money saving tips.

  • Christina Day

    Great Tips! Pinning.

  • Courtney Hardy

    These are some really good ideas, I agree with you about the camera thing, you can take photos just as good on a phone, but then you just edit it afterwards.

  • Some great tips! I really need to step up my blog photography haha

    Emily xo