Ebay Wish List | #12

Another month, another eBay wish list. My eBay wish list is a little bit bigger than normal, I haven’t been shopping in a long long time due to saving for Christmas, therefore the list of things I’m lusting after has been growing. My Christmas shopping is done, I will probably be receiving a little money for Christmas from relatives and the Christmas sales are not far away, I will be more than likely going on a bit of a shopping spree and I’ll definitely be posting about my haul and the bargains I find. 
In the mean time though I have been wasting my time on eBay, but not actually buying anything. Here are a few of the things that I have found whilst searching through eBay. Normally when I do these wish lists I pick out my favourite things, however I’m really struggling this time around. It’s not even a tie between two, it’s a tie between all of them. Every piece I can imagine myself in and want for myself. Who knows what will be making its way to my wardrobe next! 
What is your favourite item?
 photo fcca96d0-e8cc-4b98-a473-4863f4299f57_zpsc2f78142.png